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During the FREE Consultation, I explore each prospective client's financial affairs at length.  I am only able to fully advise a prospective client if I know what he or she knows.  I only ask that that prospective clients openly and honestly answer my questions.  Fear not, I do not sit in judgment.  My goal is to help everyone in some manner.  My role is not only to guide you through bankruptcy if that is the route you choose, but also to listen to your concerns and understand your situation.

Prospective clients are not required to bring any financial documents to the  Consultation.  However, I strongly recommend being prepared to complete a Consultation Form regarding the following information:

  • Income (for both spouses if you are married)
  • Assets (including real estate, vehicles, legal claims, and bank accounts)
  • Prior Bankruptcy Filings
  • Type and Amount of Debt
  • Former or Current Businesses
  • Marital Status
  • Location of Former and Current Residences


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