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ARE YOU . . . ?

  • Overwhelmed by bills? 
  • Anxious or unable to sleep because you are drowning in debt?
  • Juggling credit accounts to stay afloat?
  • Shackled to an unmanageable car payment?
  • Struggling with your adjustable rate mortgage?
  • Trapped in the revolving circle of payday loans?
  • Left with little to live on after your paycheck is garnished?
  • Harassed by creditors day and night?

  Millions of people every year find themselves in severe financial hardship. Everyday people like you are forced into bankruptcy due to circumstances beyond their control. That means that people close to you, a neighbor, friend or co-worker, has found financial relief within the bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy is not the end. It is the beginning of a new life. It is a chance to change a burdensome lifestyle, to make your own decisions without your bills making them for you, and most importantly to create a better future for yourself.

STOP LIVING A NIGHTMARE!   Your debt mounts, the bills keep coming, the interest rates increase exponentially, the finance charges and late charges never end; and then . . . the creditors start calling, checks start bouncing, the payday loan payments cannot be made, the ring that you pawned intending to later redeem is sold; and finally . . . the credit valve is turned off, your home goes into foreclosure, your vehicle gets repossessed, your wages and bank accounts are garnished, and your creditors still call wanting more from you. But there is nothing left to give, is there? What can you do? Where do you turn? Who do you turn to? 

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